What is Mouse?

Mouse was developed as an introductory token to DeFi (and of course Dollaremon) so that Dollaremon’s first user can easily try out the “desired investment method” in DeFi.

Many people only want capital gains, with every new protocol coming out, with the sole purpose of increasing the initial price, investing…

Fantom version 4DP (four-dimensional pocket) F4DP (fantom four-dimensional pocket)

We have prepared F4DP (Fantom four-dimensional pocket) tokens to receive the money-pocket rewards of the Fantom version of Dollaremon.

We have prepared 4DP as an incentive for the BSC version of Dollaremon, and BNB, BUSD, cCBD, sCBD as dividends.
We have prepared F4DP so that many people can participate in the Fantom version of Dollarmon, and we have made it possible to obtain fBTC, fETH, USDC, WFTM as dividends so that we can expect further profits.
By using the four rewards as the main currencies, we believe that “more people will be able to feel closer to the understanding of rewards,” and hope that it will spread widely as a topic.
we would like many investors to participate in the Fantom version of Dollaremon.

The other day, we encountered a problem with the Reward display suddenly decreasing.
The cause was that the total number of Fee managers scheduled to be distributed the next day was added to the money pocket balance where Reward is distributed.

The fix is now in place and the Daily Money Pocket Stats displayed in the protocol is the one that will be distributed tomorrow.
Instead, we’ve created a new Regulations page that we’re adopting from CBD CASH to make it easier for you to see the numbers that will be distributed with your rewards right now.
We are constantly tweaking the system to make it more user friendly and will continue to do so.
Thank you very much for your understanding.
Thank you very much.

Burned $DY3000 (equivalent to 8% of total supplements) & $4DP 200 (equivalent to 10% of total supplements)
have been burned.




What is the benefit of doing a burn? It increases the value per piece of $DY or $4DP. It also increases your money-pocket reward by having less $4DP.
We will be doing burns every day on an ongoing basis from now on. Stay tuned and wait!

Due to yesterday’s fix to the money pocket system, there will be very few rewards today.

But don’t worry. Big rewards will start pouring in tomorrow. We’ve already solved that problem!

With the price of $DY down, now is your chance! Let’s farm until the following block time!


We make mistakes, but we’ve faced and solved all the problems.

Stay tuned!

June 7, 2021, 12:00 PM(UTC)

Multi-chain protocol “Dollaremon

We’ve finally had our grand opening!

Dollaremon Swap


Dollaremon Farm

All networks seamlessly!

Multi-chain implementation to come!

BSC Now Live

Fantom to be implemented at the end of June

Polygon coming mid-July

Avalance coming at the end of July

Polkadot to be implemented in mid-August

Power of Four-Dimensional Money Pocket Protocol

four-dimensional money…

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Pollo!

What is Pollo?
Pollo is a DeFi Project being offered over BSC which aims to make Basic Income a reality. Since starting Pollo Swap on 17 March 2021, it is offering Since starting Pollo Swap on 17 March 2021, it is offering…

Today we have some exciting news to share with you.
The next generation Defi platform “Dollaremon” will be released today, May 31st. Dollaremon is designed to act as a bridge between a wide variety of Defi networks, including BSC networks, FTM networks, and in the future, MATIC networks and Ether networks…


The world’s first unique stable coin that combines an real peg by CBD with algorithm on BSC https://official.cbd-cash.io/

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