Change in P2pb2b Listing Date and Time

Please check the reason.

I have to make a very disappointing announcement to you all.

We were scheduled to be listed on P2PB2B on May 1st at 11:00AMUTC.
However, due to the following reasons, the listing date and time has been changed to May 7 at 11:00AMUTC.

Isn’t it going to be listed?

No, the P2PB2B exchange already has sCBD in the wallet list. Please check it out. We will definitely list on P2PB2B.

What is the reason for not listing on May 1?

The reason is that P2PB2B will have the following marketing plan in place by May 7 before listing

Telegram group subscribers 5k

Activity in Telegram group 1k comments

Private messages to crypto community — 10k messages

Posting Information about the project — 500 crypto Telegram groups

Guerrilla marketing — advertising dialogues with the users — 200 crypto chats

With all these options, P2PB2B can advertise to a lot of people.

We could have gone public right away, but we chose to take full advantage of these options.

What we need to do now is obvious.

We need to let as many people as possible know about CBD CASH.

Let people know that our protocol is different from the other Algo Stable protocols.

Then, it will be more exciting to go public, don’t you think?

In addition to that, we have started a marketing task by professional marketers today.

Task Start From start In Beginning

1.Daily 4 Post To enange User. 2

2. Make Hashtags Viral

3. Listing in Other DeFi Platforms

4.DM Users Who Are Interested In Investment On twitter and linkedin

5.1 person available 8 hrs to reply on twitter and Discord Community

6. Share in Telegram Groups.

7. Share our Listing on Social Media so people enange on it.

This is the marketing team’s strategy and measures to maximize publicity through listing.

Please wait a little longer.

We should be inviting you all on a trip to the moon.

Thank you for your understanding!